Data analysis

Receiving the ROM data, as well as the data obtained in the study of the interaction of the device with external environments (for example, with the Internet or other devices), allows to intercept and analyze the information.

Data analysis is the study of data, its comparison with known patterns, studying changes in data after multiple retrievals, etc. The obtained information allows to analyze what, why, and how changes – for further interaction with the device.

For example, a ROM image may contain an image of an operating system that can be further recognized. Also, when analyzing the ROM image, it’s possible to determine the data format, the methods and principles of organizing the disk space, the execution modules, etc. When analyzing a data transfer protocol, it is compared with known protocols by signatures, headers, etc. – as a result, information is obtained about the contents of the protocol and its data exchange mode. Note, that even dealing with an unknown proprietary protocol, technically, it is possible to restore and describe it, eventually.